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Staff of The UWI Open Campus, Jamaica

by WIGUT PR, October 01, 2020

President's Report
Secretary's Report
Feedback on UWI Documents
Car Duty Concession

by WIGUT PR, September 01, 2020

Salary Deductions
Hand-over of University property, including documents
Policy on early retirement
and More...

by WIGUT PR, September 02, 2019

President’s State of the Union Address
General Secretary’s Report
Committee Reports

by WIGUT PR, September 03, 2018

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Health and Safety

by WIGUT PR, April 02, 2018

President's State of the Union Address
General Secretary's Report
Meetings held
Negotiations etc...

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Review -WIGUT Christmas Party 2016
General Comments
Food etc.

by WIGUT PR, November 01, 2016