MV Concession

Motor Vehicle Concession

The Motor Vehicle duty concession scheme was negotiated by WIGUT (Jamaica) as a benefit

for eligible Academic, Senior Administrative and Professional staff in the 1987-1990

triennium. It had the aim, at least in part, of encouraging staff to develop careers at the UWI,

in Jamaica. Since inception of the duty concession scheme, the guidelines governing its

operation have periodically undergone revisions by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ).

Under the current dispensation, an individual is allowed to purchase a vehicle locally or

abroad under the GOJ regulations at the time of application. 

To access the scheme, members of the UWI Academic, Senior Administrative and

Professional staff at Mona must satisfy the two conditions outlined below. They shall be:

1. a member of WIGUT in good standing, and 

2. on a three year (36 months) contract or a contract of indefinite tenure, in a career

path position as defined by the University, at the level of Assistant Lecturer,

Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Professor (or equivalent positions in the Senior

Administrative and Professional groups).