WIGUT 50th Anniversary Scholarship Awardee, Sandre Malcolm

 Sandre MalcolmA man from the West, graduate of the “great Cornwall College”, as he describes it, Sandre Malcolm is another WIGUT awardee.

    At 22 years of age, he had already rippled the waters with his passage. The recipient of the Joe Pereira Scholarship for the 2008–2009 Academic Year expressed his pride in this achievement: “I was deemed the top from a short list based on my interview.” A resident of Block C (Roosters) at Taylor Hall on the Mona Campus, Sandre studied towards a Marketing Degree in the Department of Management Studies. His entrepreneurial sense is well-developed and he has big plans for making a mark in his chosen field. Sandre’s entrepreneurial dreams were realized with his fledgling enterprise, “Fowl Play”, a T-shirt printing business which has gave way to a marketing company called “Break da Box Unlimited”. The company specialized in marketing, promotions and brand-handling on behalf of companies who wished to ply their wares on the Mona Campus. Close friend and business partner, Dwayne McIntosh, described him as an extremely creative, ethical and efficient entrepreneur who takes his work seriously and succeeds in meeting deadlines. “He is also a supportive, caring and very kind friend,” Dwayne noted. “And we work very well together.”

     Sandre described his WIGUT Award of the Joe Pereira Scholarship of 2008–2009 as both a financial help and a source of pride and accomplishment on which he continued to build. He is highly self-motivated and believes in the value of hard work. Sandre’s guiding philosophies are many, but one of his favourites is “Difference is always noticed.”

     This love for difference and his creative capacity shone forth brilliantly and landed Sandre the prize in the Scotiabank Change-Maker Challenge Competition for the English-Speaking Caribbean in July 2009. His winning proposal, for a cutting-edge viral marketing campaign with the innovative use of web-based media, under the theme “Revolution”, topped the field of highly creative entrants from across the region. Sandre’s creativity with computer design and his innovative approach to the use of computer technology has been noted as one of his strong points by business partner and friend, Dwayne McIntosh.

     His creativity, entrepreneurial activities and academic pursuits notwithstanding, Sandre managed to have fun and enjoy his life. With all his accomplishments and dreams, he is still a young man and, like a true Taylorite, partied often. Sandre is a firm believer in the value of good fun. After all, as he stated, “Don’t take life too seriously, because none of us get out alive anyway.”