2018/2019 Joe Pereria Scholarship Awardee: Mr. Jermaine Reid

Education: BSc. Biotechnology, minor Management Studies

"As far as I can recall, as a child, my first dream, and probably the most earnest, was to become a superhero. One who could courageously save the world from antagonistic forces, whenever they pose a threat. This dream, deemed fictitious, was realized when I was first introduced to the sciences, as an adolescent. From thereon, my passion to help humanity was bolstered, as I knew I could join the heroes in “the science league” to combat prevalent illnesses that are plaguing society. So, fueled by this innate desire, I am now working assiduously, in the field of Biotechnology/Molecular Biology, to garner an arsenal of knowledge, to undertake a catalog of research, with the aim of unearthing affordable solutions to illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and rheumatoid arthritis, that rob Jamaicans - and the world in extension - of a fair chance at life.

Thank you WIGUT! You have blessed my life remarkably, and is deserving of all the adulations."